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TimberTech is a high-quality decking product that is offered by Zenna Decks to its clients. Entering the marketing in 1997, TimberTech introduced their line of capped composite deck boards in 2008.

Since that time, they have continued to innovate so that consumers now have their choice of premium capped composite decking as well as premium capped polymer decking options through their TimberTech AZEK® decking.

TimberTech is a leader in decking materials for several reasons:

Natural Looking Designs & Colors

Natural looking colors and designs are signature elements for TimberTech products and the technology behind their products means you won’t have to sacrifice beauty regardless of whether you choose their PVC or composite materials.

TimberTech decks are defined by real wood aesthetics and natural-looking grain patterns. With options like crosscuts, wire-brushing and low-gloss finish, our boards mimic the look of premium hardwood, reclaimed wood, premium hardwoods, etc.

TimberTech’s proprietary color-cascading technology delivers highly realistic woodgrain textures with natural color blending. This delivers many subtle nuances to TimberTech decking thanks to a wide range of multi-tonal options and wood grain patterns. Furthermore, their extensive color palettes match highly desirable wood species like Redwood, Ipe, and White Oak with cascading, color-blending highlights and lowlights.

Durable, Long-Lasting Materials

With TimberTech, consumers get the full aesthetic experience of wood without the labor intensive, expensive, and constant upkeep required of wooden decking materials. TimberTech’s one-of-a-kind capped polymer material and protective cap technology offer unbeatable protection from the elements to safeguard deck boards from mold, mildew, and moisture damage. Plus, all TimberTech products are backed by industry-leading 25-50 year and lifetime warranties.

Their technology advantage starts with its proprietary capping technology that delivers 100% synthetic caps with no wood fillers in its TimberTech AZEK and TimberTech PRO decking lines. In short, when you choose TimberTech, your deck will look new for decades.

Tech-Enabled Design

TimberTech’s product innovation also allowed them to create their revolutionary Multi-Width Decking and the option for heat-bending. This innovative tech allows them to develop decking products that are in a class of their own, defined by meticulous detail, realistic grain patterns and attractive finishes. They partner with exceptionally skilled pros like Zenna Decks who appreciate the value of next generation decking.

3 Product Lines to Choose From

With 3 unique decking lines, TimberTech has an option to suit any lifestyle

  1. TimberTech Azek

Unrivaled Design & Elegance

Azek is their highest grade of decking material and is defined by sophisticated, real-wood aesthetics that stay cooler on hot days. Ideal for everyday decks, pool surrounds, waterfront retreats, & rooftop escapes.

2. TimberTech Pro

Elevated Style & Character

Pro is high-end composite decking that surpasses leading competitors’ top tier products. It is strong, reliable, engineered to endure and ideal for everyday decks.

3. TimberTech Edge

Attainable & Attractive

Edge is their high-value, low-maintenance product offering and is the natural next step for the discerning deck owner ready to create a new deck or rebuild an old one.

TimberTech is an advanced decking material offered by Zenna Decks in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Sustainability Is at Their Core

Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of their capped composite deck boards is made from recycled materials, making the entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content. Similarly, their capped polymer boards are made with approximately 50% recycled materials.

In fact, they diverted approximately 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills in 2021 through its recycling program which is an increase from approximately 400 million pounds in 2020.

TimberTech has incorporated advanced technologies from Europe, the leader in sustainability and recycling, into its manufacturing processes for peak efficiency. This innovation allows them to turn recycled waste into raw materials that we can then mold into beautiful composite decking, porch, and railing products.

To learn more about how Zenna Decks can create a fabulous new deck for you using TimberTech products, contact one of our consultants today.

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