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One of the decking materials manufacturers that Zenna Decks recommends to its customers is Moistureshield.

Not only is it beautiful, MoistureShield’s low maintenance composite decking is one of the few deck materials that can be used in almost any environment. This is due to its proprietary Solid Core® technology that makes it the only wood composite deck board that can be installed in the ground, on the ground and underwater.

The Solid Core® innovation creates an impermeable barrier that fights against damage from moisture, rot, insects, and other harmful elements, which makes it perfect for the humidity in interior New Jersey and the harsh weather sometimes experienced by decks at the Jersey Shore.

The Solid Core® offers 360-degree protection on all sides of the board. Traditional composites are protected by a cap on three sides, leaving the back of the boards vulnerable to damage where moisture can run through open joints. All that protection means long-lasting results and continued good looks for the life of the deck.

MoistureShield low maintenance decking materials from Zenna Decks

Solid Core® Decks are Super Robust:

  • No warping or rotting
  • Zero structural field failures in 30+ years
  • Virtually no moisture absorption
  • Resists damage from insects

MoistureShield decking is manufactured to simulate the look and feel of natural wood. The variegation and slight texture difference on the surface of each board is deliberate and does not affect the Solid Core® durability. Their resilient, color-enriched composite decking boards feature wood grain patterns and reduced pattern repetition that evoke the look and feel of real wood. Except, unlike real wood, MoistureShield decking stands up to the elements, providing a natural look that doesn’t require staining or painting.

MoistureShield Decking offers a number of other innovations:

CoolDeck® Technology

Scorching hot decking can make it difficult to get the most out of your outdoor space. This is especially true for families with children and pets. Traditional wood decking may be cooler in the sun than most composite decking, but it’s also prone to splintering, becoming slippery with mildew, and rotting over time. That’s why they created a solution for this common issue—heat resistant composite decking.

MoistureShield composite decking with CoolDeck® Technology doesn’t keeps bare feet comfortable in the summer sun and is also splinter-free and slip-resistant.

Studies show that CoolDeck® Technology, which is available in their Vision® and Meridian™ capped wood composite lines, can help to reduce deck heat absorption by up to 35%*.

Also, MoistureShield’s Solid Core, with its moisture-resistant features, makes it ideal for pool decks and Jersey Shore applications.

DiamondDefense™ Coating

Some composite decking boards can get scratched and chipped when objects are dropped on them. MoistureShield protects your deck from damage with its DiamondDefense™ technology, which delivers liquid polymer coated deck boards to the strongest capped wood composite board on the market to help prevent damage from scratching and impact.

TruTexture™ Surface

MoistureShield is also one of the best-looking decking boards available today. Their proprietary TruTexture™ Coating utilizes advanced techniques to deliver lower pattern repetition, rich color variegation and a realistic wood grain texture in each composite decking board.

Like other superior decking materials manufacturers, MoistureShield is committed to creating a cleaner environment. Because of this they build their composite decking boards with 95% recycled content, much of which has been diverted from landfills. Also, 100% of the wood they use in their products is recycled, so no trees are cut down and 25% of the plastic they use comes from post-consumer waste—like plastic bags and bottles—so they become part of beautiful decks rather than landfills or pollution.

To learn more about MoistureShield or the other decking products we offer, please call us today at: 609-332-5685 to set up a fee, no obligation consultation. Our team is here to help you create the deck of your dreams.

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