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Fiberon is one of our customer’s top choices for decking board. After over 25 years, Fiberon has earned accolades from consumers and professionals alike and has become a top choice in decking materials.

A trusted name in the landscaping, Fiberon started manufacturing composite decking in 1997. Since then, Fiberon decking has continuously evolved its product line to ensure customers are always getting high-tech, top-performing decking materials.

As a pioneer and leader in the composite decking space, Fiberon introduced the first multi-tonal and embossed decking boards, the first hidden fastener system, and the industry’s first stain and fade warranty for capped composites.

Fiberon composite decking is durable, strong and long lasting. Its solid composite core ensures no splintering, cracking, rotting, or warping and delivers iron-clad assurance against the pitfalls or ordinary wood decking. Fiberon’s capped composites capture the warmth and beauty of natural and exotic hardwoods, complete with subtle streaking, varied grain patterns, and rich color palettes. And since capped composite decking doesn’t fade or degrade like wood, the look you love today will still be there tomorrow.

Fiberon’s current color palette.

Fiberon composite decking looks good year after year and its wide selection of decking boards are available in colors and finishes that will meet any aesthetic need at a competitive price point. You can choose from rich solid tones or multi-chromatic color and single-sided or reversible boards. Fiberon decking is synonymous with low-maintenance and just needs an occasional soap and water cleaning to remain a beautiful deck that lasts for years to come.

While Fiberon is similar to other premier deck materials on the market today, it also has some unique features that will make it the perfect choice for many new deck projects. These include:

  • Made from strong and durable synthetic materials
  • A wide range of colors and styles to choose from
  • Offered for a wide range of supporting uses including fascia, railings, and risers
  • Utilizes several fastening systems depending on need
  • Provides a 50-year limited warranty on selected styles
  • Offers capped decking boards

Fiberon decking is made of a wood composite consisting of sawdust that is blended with recycled plastic waste including plastic bags and other landfill-bound materials. In fact, Fiberon is comprised of 96% recycled content and removes over 70,000 tons of plastic from the environment every year, which pleases our eco-minded customers.

These materials are heated and compressed into decking boards that are then capped with a plastic polymer sheathing to further protect them from the sun and weather.

Fiberon perfected capped deck boards and its premium line offers 4-sided capping. 4-sided capping is perfect for homes with a second-story deck with a living space beneath. The capping on all sides gives extra finish to the underside of the decking boards and greatly enhances the “ceiling” above the living space.

Some of Fiberon’s premium decking varieties come with a 50-year limited warranty, which is the longest in the industry. Other Fiberon product offerings come with warranties ranging from 40 to 20 years.

Fiberon installation is based on its hidden fastening systems, which is a rectangle that fits between the grooves of grooved boards with a carbon-coated screw through the middle. The company has also partnered with Camo hidden deck fastening systems to offer other options for hidden fastening with the EDGE and EDGEX clips.

A significant benefit of choosing Fiberon is for face nailing. Fiberon has partnered with both Cor-Tex and Captor to provide color-matched screws and plugs for screwing into the face of Fiberon boards. Because of its relationship with these two companies, you can buy a Fiberon solid board and never have to worry about matching your screw or screw plug color because these manufacturers have matched Fiberon’s composite decking colors with their screws.

In terms of maintenance, the average pressure-treated deck can cost upwards of $800 per year to maintain and will likely need replacing in 10 – 15 years. Fiberon requires a minimum of two cleans per year and, since cleaning means using mild soap, such as dish detergent, and water with a soft-bristled brush, Fiberon composite decks average less than $50 in annual maintenance costs.

Fiberon can be painted with any outdoor surface rated latex acrylic paint. The surface needs to be cleaned and properly prepared, and it is critical that the directions on the can be followed to the letter. Some brands of paint are self-priming, while others require a primer.

Another reason to choose Fiberon is that their products are made in the United States. Their decking is made both in our home state of North Carolina and in Meridian, Idaho. From these two locations, we distribute throughout North America and to more than two dozen countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central and South America.

If you are looking to build a new deck, then you need to talk to the experts at Zenna Decks. 

Zenna Decks is your local deck building expert. Our decking specialists will work with you on your design and construction and will help you decide if Fiberon is the decking material that best suits your project.

If you would like to talk about a Fiberon Deck or any other deck project, please call us today at: 609-332-5685 to set up a fee, no obligation consultation. Our team is here to help you create the deck of your dreams.

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