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Free Consultation

In our initial consultation, Zenna Decks experts will review your project with you and evaluate all aspects of the design and space. Working with you, we will come up with a quote that delivers on your expectations.

Deck Design

In the deck design phase, our team will come up with a deck design plan that suits your desired goals. they will gather all of information needed to give you a full scope of the project and price.

Paper Work
Our deck contractors are licensed and insured and will comply with all local construction regulations in your area, including a permit and license.
Onsite Work
Now it’s time for our deck installers to shine! Our trained professionals will keep the job site clean, safe and professional at all times. After all, we know this is more than a job site; it’s your home.

Zenna Decks

Zenna Decks is a Deck Resurfacing Expert

Deck Resurfacing

Certified Deck Resurfacing From Zenna Decks

Deck resurfacing or refacing is an option for those looking to spend less while getting a significant renovation of their existing deck. Having your deck resurfacing service done by Zenna Decks will provide more than just a beautification; it will raise the value of your property. Call us today at 609-332-5685 to have our experts determine if your deck could benefit from a resurfacing.

Does Your Existing Deck Qualify for A Resurfacing or a Refacing?

Many decks in our area can be resurfaced or refaced. If you are considering these as options for your deck, you need to consider the following:

  • Wood Decks

    A wood deck is susceptible to mold and mildew, which weakens the boards of a deck surface, especially on an old deck. this can be due to poor or no stain application, or just the age of the deck.

  • Pressure Treated Wood Decks

    Pressure-treated wood deck boards have an extended lifespan. It's resistant to fungus, termites, and other elements that can cause degradation. It can be painted or stained when dry.

  • Composite Decks

    A mixture of plastic and wood fibers, a composite deck is a stronger option. A perfect upgrade for resurfacing with a durability of over 20 years.

Zenna Decks Is Here To Help

We know that building a new deck or resurfacing an existing one is a confusing process to most people. At Zenna Decks we are commited to making the process as smooth and painless as possible. We're here to help!

Zenna Decks is South Jersey's Premier Deck Builder and Deck Construction contractor

High-Quality Deck Construction

Professional decking is all about design, strength and performance. That’s why, when resurfacing a deck, you will need to be aware of a few things:

If is is determined that your existing deck has any structural vulnerabilities, a complete deck restoration might be needed.

Depending on your particular deck, it is quite possible that your goals could be achieved through a resurfacing or refacing.

If your deck is over 20 years old, the materials used in its construction could need replacing.